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Different types of Refrigeration Compressors

Different types of Refrigeration Compressors

Brief Introduction to Refrigeration Compressors

If you have ever wondered how refrigeration compressors work or what the main types of compressors are, this brief article will help you understand the main differences between them as well as its main uses.

Types of Refrigeration Compressors

While there are two main kinds of refrigeration compressors, the most common ones are positive displacement compressors. This type of compressor makes use of low-pressure vapour, compressing it in order to increase the pressure, acting as a pump that is capable of injecting gas into the refrigeration circuit. Although dynamic compressors can also be found on the market, the fact is that they are generally used in some of the largest refrigeration systems, making them unsuitable for domestic use.

There are also three different kinds of positive displacement compressor: reciprocating, screw and scroll compressor. The first one of them is one of the most popular refrigeration compression models. Utilising a series of pistons, reciprocating compressors are able to increase the vapour pressure, making them especially useful for a wide selection of home appliances, including large refrigerators. While their use is very widespread, reciprocating compressors can also be used in industrial equipment.

Screw compressors are another type of positive displacement compressors. While not as popular as reciprocating compressors, these systems work by employing two rotors. The rotors are designed to compress the gas each time they turn, allowing the compressor to work diligently and with great efficiency. On the other hand, screw compressors require periodic maintenance, something very important to take into account. Last, but not least, scroll compressors are able to compress vapour thanks to the work of a fixed and rotating scrolls, making them extremely efficient for air conditioners.

Refrigeration Systems Efficiency

While it is possible to select between a wide range of alternatives, it is also very important to understand the main factors that come into play once a refrigeration compressor starts to work, something that can greatly determine its efficiency. If you intent on purchasing a compressor for industrial uses, it is imperative to remember that the best way to improve the way the system works is by optimising its capacity. It is essential to divide a large load between more compressors, as they will waste less energy than a very large compressor doing all the work. At the same time, the size of the refrigeration compressor can greatly affect the output, so it is vital for you to purchase only the compressor that suits your needs best.

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