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Information about the DC Compressors by Secop

Information about the DC Compressors by Secop

DC Compressors

To appreciate the fundamentals of a DC compressor, we must first look at two aspects of these devices separately. It is first important to understand the type of power supply that these compressors utilise. As opposed to some mechanisms which make use of alternative current (AC), these compressors instead employ direct current (DC). Secondly, a compressor is any device that increases the pressure of a liquid or gas by reducing its overall volume by squeezing it (compression). So, let us take a look at a few of the unique aspects that can be attributed specifically to DC compressors.

Reliability Through Continuous Operation

As the term denotes, direct current supplies power in one direction only. Of course, this is in opposition to alternating current. The key aspect that is advantageous for the use of direct current in compressors is that they will operate uninterrupted (as would be the case with alternating current supplies). DC compressors are ideal for use in situations where reliability is absolutely essential. Some examples of such uses can be in the construction industry, medical refrigeration units and rail traffic.

Flexibility of Power Options

It is obvious that different compressors will be designed for different uses. For instance, a DC compressor that is utilised to power a refrigerator will require much less voltage than one that is operating a pneumatic jackhammer. So, the other main difference between an AC and a DC compressor is that numerous voltages can be selected with DC models. This supply normally ranges from twelve volts up to one hundred and ten volts, but supplies can indeed be even greater for industrial requirements.


Many DC compressors are also much simpler to maintain than their AC counterparts. While this may be of little importance when a piece of refrigeration equipment needs to be serviced by a homeowner, it is altogether critical for industries that rely on in-house maintenance crews to make certain that all compressors are running optimally and without any appreciable interruptions. Finally, it is also important to note that direct current has always been known to be safer to the human body than alternating current. So, there is much less risk of succumbing to a serious injury or death when servicing DC compressors.

These are some of the most important aspects that serve to separate DC compressors from AC compressors.

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