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How to choose the right DC Compressor

How to choose the right DC Compressor

How To Choose The Right DC Compressor

Choosing the right DC compressor can be a challenge. To help make the task easier, here are some of the factors that you should look at when choosing a DC compressor. Tank vs. Tankless Compressors

One of the advantages of an air tanks is that it means that DC compressor will need to start less frequently. The disadvantage is that when you do need to run the compressor it will take longer to fill the tank. If you are using a more powerful DC compressor you will find that the air tank is unnecessary. These compressors are powerful enough that you can run air tools like impact wrenches easily.

One of the most important steps in choosing the right DC compressor is evaluating the flow rate vs. the required pressure. Until you have established these two criteria you will be unable to choose which compressor is right for you. Look at the manufacturers flow vs pressure performance curves to get an accurate indication for the compressor.

Cooling Fan

When selecting your DC compressor look for one with a forced air cooling system. This will feature two fans one for the motor and one for the housing. Having a good cooling system is critical because CD compressors need to produce a lot of power from a relatively small device. If it is not properly cooled it can overheat and may result in damage to the compressor.

Noise and size of DC Compressors

Almost everyone who purchases a compressor has concerns about the noise. Different pumps have different sound characteristics. Therefore it is often difficult to evaluate if a particular unit is right for your situation. In fact until the compressor is installed and running that you will be able to properly measure the sound it will produce.

Before purchasing your DC compressor consider how much space you have available. The higher the flow of the compressor the bigger the pump. One other factor to consider is any mounting restrictions. If the compressor needs to be mounted horizontally make sure this matches your requirements.

Once you know which DC compressor meets you specifications you can think about cost. If you have high specification requirements then you need to be realistic about your budget for this compressor. There is no point in purchasing a low cost compressor which is going to be unable to meet its end purpose.

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