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Danfoss compressor

Danfoss compressor

Danfoss Compressor

Founded in Denmark in 1933, Danfoss is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of compressors.
The range starts with Danfoss Household Compressors, which are designed for domestic use in applications such as refrigerators and freezers. Available for common household refrigerants, including R134a and R600a, this category contains units from the P, T, N and F series, with voltage ranges from 115V/60Hz/single phase to 240V/50Hz/single phase. Capacities range from around 20W to 780W.
Next in the Danfoss range are Danfoss Light Commercial Compressors, intended for light commercial use in a variety of applications, including vending machines, drinks coolers, ice cube makers and dehumidifiers. Models in this range are available for common refrigerants such as R134a, R404A/R507, R407C and R290, and contain products from the T, N, F, S and G series of Danfoss Compressors. Voltage ranges are from 115V/60Hz/single phase to 240V/50V single phase, with capacities from 35W to over 5000W .The Danfoss Compressor range also includes units for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in residential, light commercial and commercial applications. These are available for use with R22, R407C, R134a and R410A refrigerants, with nominal capacities ranging from 7 to 110 kW. Series and size permitting, single-phase or 3-phase power supplies and brazed or rotolock connections can be used. Factory made tandem units are also available, and special accessory manifolding kits can be used to mount tandem, trio and quadro units.

Commercial refrigeration

For commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications using R22, R407C, R134a, R404A and R507 refrigerants, and with nominal capacities of 1 to 24 kW, Danfoss offers the Maneurop Reciprocating Compressor range. The series comprises the MPZ, MT, MTZ, NTZ and VTZ product series, whith 1-, 2-, and 4 – cylinder compressors for single -phase or 3-phase power supplies, and use rotoblock connections.
Danfoss Scroll Compressors include the MLZ and MLM product series for dedicated commercial and light commercial refrigeration applications. For use with R404A, R507, R134a and R22 refrigerants, nominal capacities range from 3.4 to 21 kW. Available for single-phase and 3-phase power supplies, they come with rotoblock-convertible brazed connections. This range also includes the LFZ/MFZ series, for low and medium temperature commercial applications. Using R404A and R507 refrigerants, nominal capacities are 6 to 30 kW. As well as being a leading compressor manufacturer, Danfoss is committed to sustainability and, in 2002, became a signatory to UN Global Compact Initiative.

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