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Commercial refrigeration buyers guide

Commercial refrigeration buyers guide

Steps to Buying A Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators, though similar to residential refrigerators, come with a bigger size, are more expensive, and their functionality is superb due to the sophisticated technology that is applied in them. Commercial refrigerators are often used in restaurants and supermarkets to preserve foods, hold beverages as well as to keep flowers fresh. While searching for commercial refrigeration units, it can be overwhelming to make a decision because there are many types in the market. Here is a simple guide that will help you make the perfect decision while searching for a commercial refrigerator.

Decide the type you need

The first step is to analyze the business so as to know the kind of refrigeration that is needed. The nature of products in stock and the size of the stock will tell the kind of commercial refrigeration that will be needed. For products like soft drinks, an open commercial refrigerator would be ideal so as to allow customers to easily pick what they like. There are also ones that come with sliding doors that customers can open.

Check internal and external dimensions

It is advisable to measure the available space before buying the commercial refrigeration unit. The height, width and length should match with the available space. However, large external dimension does not imply the internal space will be large as well. Evaluate the required internal space and you will find different varieties that fit the criteria.


Many commercial refrigeration units are heavy and moving them can prove a challenge. Consider buying a refrigerator that is fitted with wheels to make moving the unit easy. In some health departments, it is mandatory to have castors since it makes cleaning easy.


For placement at the centre of the shop, some commercial refrigeration units are made with doors on both sides and they have glass fittings for visibility from both sides. This makes it easy for customers to pick items from either side.

Energy efficiency

Large refrigerators can run up the electricity bill if more energy is used. Choosing refrigerators that are made to offer energy efficiency while performing the task right are ideal for someone who is keen on keeping utility bills low. Check the energy star rating. Refrigerators that have this rating were made to save on energy consumption up to more than 30%.

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